Species: Great Horned Owl
Gender: Male
Mate: Ygryk
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Coming of Hoole
Mate of a hagsfiend

Pleek was a great horned owl, Bubo virginianus, who was most famous for taking Ygryk, a hagsfiend, as a mate during the time of The Legends of Ga'Hoole.


The First Collier

Pleek, with his mate Ygryk, were part of the Lord Arrin’s army and followed him in his incursions.

The Coming of Hoole

Desiring to have a chick, Pleek and Ygryk made a deal with Lord Arrin. This provided that they would have traced both the egg that Siv, already escaped from the firth, had. Then they would have kept the egg, and he the mother of this. But they didn’t knew that the evil Lord would make them killed by Ullryck, just after reached the target he had asked them.

So Pleek and his mate, once reached the island in the middle of the Bitter Sea, attempted to kidnap Hoole and his mother. During the fight, Pleek tried to defend Ygryk, intent to cast a spell on Hoole, but unsuccessfully. Therefore they, wounded, were forced to flee.

Then, he with Ygryk found refuge to Kreeth, a hagsfiend who lived in the Ice Narrows, who was working in the creation of strange crosses between birds and on a spell that would have made her race immune to the seawater.

To Be a King

Pleek and his mate welcomed their chick, which Kreeth had divined for them. At first the hatchling seemed to be a normal creature, but then they understood that, in truth, she had peculiar characteristics. Indeed their daughter, although she hatched from an egg of a Great Horned Owl, stolen by Kreeth, continually changed her spicies due to the spell that Kreeth casted in her early stage of development inside the egg. However, Pleek and his mate were happy with their daughter for a while, but then they found that it was difficult accept Lutta, so they abandoned her to Kreeth.

Later, during the battle of the Long Night, he realized, due to Ygryk, that Lutta was not a monster, but that they were the freaks, because they didn’t know how to love their daughter, who they had desired so much.