Species: Puffowl (Snowy Owl and Atlantic Puffin hybrid)
Gender: Male
N/A ...
Book Appearances
Appears in: To Be a King
The Puffowl is a bizarre combination of a snowy owl and a puffin, created by Kreeth.


To Be a King

The Puffowl is first seen when Pleek and Ygryk come to Kreeth for the hatching of Lutta. The Puffowl thinks of Kreeth as his "mummy", which Kreeth detests.

Mycroft managed to sway the puffowl into serving him and used him to steal Kreeth's formulas and spells.

Mycroft promised him he would transform Puffowl into either an owl or a puffin. He might have been turned into a puffin and is related to Dumpy.

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