Species: Puffowl (Snowy Owl and Atlantic Puffin hybrid)
Gender: Male
Creator: Kreeth
Book Appearances
Appears in: To Be a King
Creation of Kreeth; a hybrid of a snowy owl and a puffin

The Puffowl is a bizarre combination of a snowy owl and a puffin, created by Kreeth.


The puffowl has the face of a snowy, disfigured by the markings and bright, colourful beak of a puffin.[1]


To Be a King

The puffowl was present at the hatching of Lutta. Kreeth hissed at him to stay away from the hearts she was marinating, and he dejectedly did so, calling her mummy in the process. Detesting the name, the hagsfiend snapped at him that she wasn't his mummy, and the puffowl was her experiment.
After Kreeth returned from seeking the head of Strix Hurthwell, she mentioned that the head was owned by another hagsfiend called Mycroft. Neither she nor Lutta noticed the puffowl wilfing in the corner, cowering. The puffowl knew of Mycroft, who had promised to change the puffowl into either an owl or a puffin if he spied on Kreeth and brought him the secrets to her potions and spells, as the puffowl was sick of Kreeth's abuse, and sick of being a ridiculous, waddling mixture. As Kreeth used her divining eyeball to spy upon Mycroft's lair, she spotted a formula she had been using in an ice bowl in his cave. Kreeth turned around and screeched at the puffowl, but he had already fled the cave.
On the third night afterwards, when her divining eyeball had finally cleared, Kreeth spied upon the cave again, fully expecting the puffowl to be there. She thought the puffowl would've flown to the cave to warn Mycroft, and debated whether or not it was a trap, and if the puffowl had warned the other hagsfiend of her intentions.


  1. Revealed in To Be a King, chapter 5