Species: Barred Owl (Strix varia)
Gender: Male
Family and Relatives: N/A
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Burning, The War of the Ember
Quartermaster for the Great Ga'Hoole Tree

Quentin (often called Q) was a Barred Owl, or Strix varia, who served as the quartermaster in both The Burning and The War of the Ember. He was a quiet-spoken owl who was a good friend to those who knew him.


The Burning

Quentin was in charge of a weapons cache on a ridge overlooking the St. Aeogolius Canyons. He outfitted the Band with their weapons when they arrived at the scene of battle as well as his old friend Bubo. Bubo got "the usual" (a fizgig) and the rest of the Band got ice weapons and battle claws. He personally requested that Soren allow him to put Ezylryb's old battle claws on Soren.

The War of the Ember

Quentin was again in charge of a weapons cache during this battle. During the battle he was attacked. As he lay critically injured, he instructed the young wolf Patches, who was tending his wounds, to find all of his pack and get them to lick pieces of ice to a shimmering glow. That way the ice sheets could be used to to dazzle the enemy owls when the sun rose and they attempted to attack.

Coryn was also present when Quentin explained his plan to the young wolf Patches. The plan was later used to great effect, with many enemy owls falling disoriented and confused from the reflected light. After Quentin gasped out the plan, Coryn and Patches both noticed at the same time the trickle of blood running from Quentin's head. Shortly after, Quentin died.


  • Quentin's nickname Q might be a reference to Q from the James Bond franchise, who is also a "quartermaster" of sorts.

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