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Rabbit was a brownish-grey, with a small crescent shape on his head, and a mysterious web-reader rabbit that was able to see bits of the past, present and future from reading spider webs. He was a friend of the young king Coryn and met him on several occasions.


The Hatchling

Shortly after Phillip's death, when Coryn (then Nyroc) was living alone, he attempted to hunt this rabbit, when it said to him "Don't! Remember the vole!", and he let it go. It began to tell him about how he knows of the vole that he did not kill while living in the canyon, by reading the web. Nyroc explains to him that he did not kill it simply because he did not want to be tracked by the vole's blood. Rabbit tells Nyroc that his story is very important, and unfinished. He tells Nyroc that he has seen the name 'Fengo' in his web, but he does not know who the name belongs to. He goes on about how he knows of the fire-reading ability that Nyroc has, and that his web-reading ability is quite similar, and that he should search for forest fires, or to The Beyond, where fires are always burning. After realizing that they had been talking for hours, Nyroc begins to leave, and asks the rabbit for his name, and he informs him that he cannot, and that he must simply call him Rabbit, for if he shares his name, he loses his web-reading powers.

The Golden Tree

Coming Soon!


In a (successful) attempt to save Coryn and Kalo, Rabbit sacrificed himself to the talons of a Great Gray, and died.

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