Species: Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus)
Gender: Female
Thora Plonk,Brunwella Plonk (stepdaughters),

Thea (deceased sister-in-law)

Book Appearances
Appears in: Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole
A slipgizzle for the League of the ice Talons, has a talon missing missing on her left foot
Rodmilla, a female snowy owl, was the stepmother of Thora and Brunwella Plonk; she was a slipgizzle for the League of Ice Talons and was later killed by Thora.


Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole

After his mate, Thea, died, Berrick decided to find a new one. Rodmilla was found to fulfill his desires. During life in the hollow, she would treat Brunwella with respect, as she was beautiful and had inherited the Plonks' singing voice. But as for Thora, Rodmilla often ignored her and called her "Splotch," due to her suffering of gray scale. This caused Thora to leave the hollow and become a blacksmith.

Upon receiving word Melvonia Plonk was dead, Rodmilla moved with her plans as a slipgizzle. She summoned Thora to help prepare for royal guest, including Marquis Henryk VI. Rodmilla planned to get Brunwella proposed to the marquis, in order to forge a strong alliance of the firths to the Ice Talons. As for Thora, in Rodmilla's opinion, her voice wasn't totally bad. So it was planned for her to be sent to the Southern Kingdom to be a singer.

Things in Rodmilla's plan were rushed, however. Unknown to her, Thora was in contact with the Resistance, along with her father. And a Reisistance squad raided the Ice Talons' lair for supplies. As the raiders suffered heavily and fled, one of the resisters, Sig, figured out Rodmilla was a slipgizzle. Rodmilla found a secret entrance to the Resistance's hideout, behind her mate's compartment. Having two recruited Great Horned guards with her, Rodmilla planned to be locals seeking to join the Resistance and take them out. But Thora was among the Resistance; the deception had been revealed.

After revealing her plans, Rodmilla lunged at Thora with battle claws. Sig threw himself in front of Thora and got killed instead. Berrick, who had figured out his mate's treachery, fought with her. But a Great Horned guard sliced his wing. Rodmilla then gave the killing blow. Thora, now strapped with battle claws, aimed at her stepmother. As Rodmilla cried out in desperation, Thora sliced open her throat.

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