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Species: Polar Bear
Gender: Male
Book Appearances
Appears in: The First Collier, The Coming of Hoole, To Be a King
Previously named First; given him a new name due to the request of Siv to Svenka

Rolf is a polar bear who is Svarr and Svenka's son.


The First Collier

Rolf, called then First, was born together with his sister, Anka, initially named Second, and Third, who died shortly after birth, just before that Svenka went to visit Siv.

The Coming of Hoole

First received his true name along with his sister after having played with Svenka. He was named Rolf, and his sister Anka. The early renaming occurred due the demand of Siv to Svenka, just before she left in search of her son Hoole (indeed, the polar bears usually waited three months before giving the real names to their cubs, because of infant mortality).

After, Rolf and his sister found MacHeath on the shore of the Dark Fowl Island, where all of them temporarily lived. So they call Siv, and with her shortly after arrived also Svenka. Then, they made the acquainted of the wolves, and when he, stunned by the Bingle Juice, fell asleep, to Rolf and his sister was asked by their mother to keep an eye on he, while she and Siv were consulted.

To Be a King

Rolf, and his family, were informed by Theo about the death of Siv, and of the need of spies by Hoole. They are very displeased about the loss of the dear “auntie”, but Theo comforted them telling that they will meet with her again in Glaumora. After, they greeted the Great Horned Owl, who at the suggestion of Svenka part in the research of Svarr, which could be useful as slipgizzle.

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