A ryb is the more respectful word for teacher used at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. It is a title given to any owl who teaches a chaw at the Great Tree, and is also used in their names. Examples of this include Sylvana and Elvan, two rybs who are often reffered to as Sylvanaryb and Elvanryb respectively.

Rybs of the Great Tree

  • Barran (Search and Rescue) (deceased)
  • Bubo (Metals and Blacksmithing)
  • Dewlap (Ga'Hoolology, former) (deceased)
  • Elvan (Colliering)
  • Ezylryb (Weather Interpretation) (deceased)
  • Gylfie (Navigation)
  • Madame Plonk (Music)
  • Otulissa (Ga'Hoolology, Weather Interpretation, Colliering, Flecks, Care of the Great Tree, History of the Great Tree, Ga'Hoolian History)
  • Strix Struma (Navigation, Battle Claw Techniques) (deceased)
  • Sylvana (Tracking)
  • Twilight (Beginning Search and Rescue, Battle Claw Techniques, Fire and Ice Weapons)
  • Pellimore (Search and Rescue)
  • Poot (Flight lab)
  • Ruby (Weather Interpretation, Fire and Ice Weapons, Weather Phenomena)
  • Soren (Gizzard Matters, Colliering, Weather Interperetation)
  • Westley (Healing Arts)
  • Woody (Navigation, former)

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