This is a fan character, not a charater from the actual Guardians of Ga'hoole series.

Ga'hoole & Safiren

Safiren is a Barn Owl character created by the user Safiren. Little is known about this character as his/her history was deleted in a Wiki cleanup, before designated fan pages were created. It appears the character was set up as Soren's love interest, which means Safiren is likely a female.

Physical Description

Safiren is a Barn Owl, Tyto alba, with a round facial disc, light brown feathers, and yellow eyes. Some defining features are the marks on her sides, where the brown of her back just out into the white of her chest, and she has eye markings akin to that of a Short-eared Owl, with dark feathers splaying out from the outer corners of the eyes.


The name Safiren comes from the French word saphir, meaning sapphire.


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