Species: Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa)
Gender: Female
Sons: Tavis, Cletus, Twilight
Book Appearances
Appears in: The War of the Ember, A Guide Book to the Great Tree
Mother of Tavis, Cletus, and Twilight; famous poet
Skye, a Great Gray Owl, or Strix nebulosa, was the mother of Twilight, Tavis, and Cletus. She was also a very famous poet.


Skye had three sons, Twilight (originally named Cassius), Tavis, and Cletus. One day Tavis and Cletus went hunting for her while she was sitting on an egg that was not far from hatching. When they came back from their hunt, she had mysteriously disappeared. They saw that the egg had already hatched, but the newly hatched owlet was nowhere in sight. Later, they found Skye's body, but not their little brother's. It is said that their father was killed by the old High Tyto before Kludd, but it is never said how Skye died; perhaps she was killed by a St. Aggie's patrol or the Pure Ones. After Tavis and Cletus lost their mother and little brother, they lived underground in the desert of Kuneer.

Famous Works

Skye's works were well-known throughout the owl kingdoms. Her last book, Ode: Intimations of Life and Love in the Forest, was presumed to be lost until a Glauxian Brother found it tucked away in a hollow in a tree in Ambala; the Brothers made a copy and gave the Guardians the original. Poems in her last book included "Moonlight at Midnight," "Eulogy for Lone Pine," "Shall I Fly Into a Storm," as well as one written especially written for her son Cassius (Twilight), "Ode to My Son Cassius at Twilight."


Skye later appeared as a scroom to her son Twilight near the Great Ga'Hoole Tree while everyone was out on a night flight shortly after the Battle of the Burning. She kept speaking the name she had originally named Twilight, Cassius. For a short time after the encounter, an unsettled Twilight attempted to forget the encounter but was unable to until a poem was discovered tucked away in a book of poetry. The book, Ode: Initmations of Life and Love in the Forest, was one of her works. The poem proved that she was indeed Twilight's mother, and her scroom was finally able to rest in glaumora, her last mission fulfilled.

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