Twilight's Songs and Battle-Taunts

The Capture

"Flutter like a hummingbird,
Dive like an eagle,
Ain't no bird that's my equal."
"You ugly rat-faced birds.
You call yourself a bird?
You call yourself an owl?
You ain't no decent kind of fowl!
They call you Jatt?
They call you Jutt?
I'm gonna toss you in a rut!
Then I'm gonna punch you in the gut!
Then you're gonna wind up on your butt!
Think you're all gizzard!
I seen better lizards.
You're goin' down, won't ask for more.
You ain't better than fish bait...
I'm gonna send you straight to hell."

The Rescue

"You think those metal claws scare me.
I'll clack my beak till you see three!
Your gizzard's soft as a worm
I'm going to make you
squirm, squirm squirm...."
"We got the fire, we got the punch,
we're gonna make you yarp your lunch.
One two three four five,
you're gonna wonder if you're alive.
Six seven eight nine ten,
you're as stupid as a big ole hen.
I can count forever and a day,
and maybe you better start to pray.
You call yourself pure,
the best owls in sight.
Well, you stink to high heaven,
and you ain't so bright.
You're stuck up as can be
and your gizzards can't handle milkberry tea.
You're no better than gull splat,
and even though you fly,
you're lower than a rat."

The Burning

"Gimme four, gimme five
I'll take you live. 
I'm a bad bad owl
I'll make you dive.
Make you howl
For your momma and pop
Chase you around
Till you drop.
Now you goin' to hear my thunder
Next you goin' to start to wonder
He's here
He's there
He's everywhere
This big bad owl
He don't scare."

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

"Though his nursemaid tells him 'no',
the boy will not be tamed.
He flies off into danger
to be battered, bruised and maimed!"
"As the night falls, so do we.
We fall asleep, we fall asleep.
We continue to fall asleep, we fall asleep...
For dreams they come on high...!
We are now asleep, we are now asleep."
"Into battle we do fly,
no matter if we're going to die.
A nasty, scary death that hurts quite a lot,
even if our wings are ripped clean off...!"

Songs of the Ga'Hoole Tree

Night is Done/Glaux is Nigh

"Night is done, gone the moon, gone the stars
From the skies.
Fades the black of the night.
Comes the morn with rosy light.
Fold your wings, go to sleep,
Rest your gizzards,
Safe you'll be for the day.
Glaux is nigh.
Far away is First Black,
But it shall seep back
Over field
Over flower
In the twilight hour.
We are home in our tree.
We are owls, we are free.
As we go, this we know.
Glaux is nigh."

Night is Done/Glaux is Nigh (Next Verse)

"We thank thee for our nights
'Neath the moon and stars so bright
We are home in our tree
We are owls, we are free
As we go, this we know, Glaux is nigh."

The Weather Chaw

"We are the owls of the weather chaw.
We take it blistering,
We take it all.
Roiling boiling gusts,
We're the owls with the guts.
For blizzards our gizzards
Do tremble with joy.
An ice storm, a gale, how we love blinding hail.
We fly forward and backward,
Upside down and flat.
Do we flinch? Do we wail?
Do we skitter or scutter?
No, we yarp one more pellet
And fly straight for the gutter!
Do we screech? Do we scream?
Do we gurgle? Take pause?
Not on your life!
For we are the best
Of the best of the chaws!"

The Song of the Colliers

"Give me a hot coal glowing bright red,
Give me an ember sizzling with heat,
These are the jewels made for my beak.
We fly between flames and never get singed
We plunge through the smoke and never cringe.
The secrets of fire, its strange winds, its rages,
We know it all as it rampages
Through forests, through canyons,
Up hillsides and down.
We'll track it.
We'll find it.
Take coals by the pound.
We'll yarp in the heart of the hottest flame
Then bring back its coals and make them tame.
For we are the colliers brave beyond all
We are the owls of the colliering chaw!"

The Song of the Harvest Festival

"Dearest tree we give our thanks
for your blessings through the years.
Vines heavy with sweet berries
nourish us and quench our fears.
And in times of summer droughts,
searing heat or winters cold,
from your bounty freely given
we grow strong and we grow bold.
Drink, drink to old Ga'Hoole ---
boola boola boola boole!
Come along, mates, and give a tipple ---
how that wine makes gizzards ripple!"

Songs of St. Aegolius Academy

The Hymn

"Hail to St. Aegolius
Our Alma Mater.
Hail, our song we raise in praise of thee
Long in the memory of every loyal owl
Thy splendid banner emblazoned be.
Now to thy golden talons
Homage we're bringing.
Guiding symbol of our hopes and fears
Hark to the cries of eternal praises ringing
Long may we triumph in the coming years."

The Special Quality

"To find one's special quality
One must lead a life of deep humility.
To serve in this way
Never question but obey
Is the blessing of St. Aggies' charity."

Pellets Have Their Stories

"Every pellet has a story all its own.
Every pellet has a story all its own.
With its fur and teeth and bones
And one or two stones,
Every pellet has a story all its own
We shall dissect every pellet with glee.
Perhaps we'll find a rodent's knee.
And never shall we tire
In the sacred task that we conspire,
Nor do our work less than perfectly
And those bright flecks at the core,
Which make our hearts soar,
Shall forever remain the deepest mystery."

The Eggorium

"By these eggs we set a store
We sort them out and ask for more.
Pygmy, Elf, Spotted, and Snowy
Make our gizzards get all glowie.
Barn Owls, Great Grays, Barred, and Screech
Give our hearts an extra beat.
The work's top secret, that is true,
But we are the best -- the eggorium crew!
Don't give a hoot that no one flies
For upon these eggs the future relies.
Such is our noble destiny
To guard St. Aggie's through eternity!"

Relieve Us

"Come to us and quackle and quank.
Relieve us of our stirrings
With your fangs so sharp and bright
Take this blood that's always purring.
Through our hollow bones it flows
To each feather and downy fluff.
Quell the terrible, horrid urge that so often prinkles us,
Still our dreams, make slow our thoughts
Let tranquillity flood our veins.
Come to us and drink your fill
So we might end our pains."

Other Songs

The Centipede Song

"What gives a wriggle
And makes you giggle
When you eat 'em?
Whose weensy little feet
Make my heart really beat?
Why, it's those little creepy crawlies
That make me feel so jolly.
For the darling centipede
My favorite buggy feed
I always want some more.
That's the insect I adore
More than beetles, more than crickets,
Which at times give me the hiccups.
I crave only to feed
On a juicy centipede
And I shall be happy forevermore.

I'm Coming Home

"I'm coming home to my tall tree
In a forest deep and green,
Where my owl chicks wait for me
Tucked away in my tall tree.
I bring you vole,
I bring coon.
The blood's not cold,
I'll be there soon.
And from my breast,
I'll pluck some down,
So you can rest
'Til the moon grows round.
Sleep on, babes, grow strong.
May your feathers fledge, 
Your wings grow long.
And then at day's edge
When dark drinks light,
We'll rise together in chick's first flight.
I'm coming home to my tall tree
In a forest deep and green,
Where my mum waits for me
Tucked away in my tall tree,
Oh, my mum waits for me!

Burrow, Scrape, Excavate

Burrow, scrape,
Through gravel, ice, hard-packed earth
Through sand, through muck, through mire.
We pit, we dig, we gouge,
and never do we tire.
Our legs are bare,
Our talons sharp,
We drill the earth and know the spots
Where rock crumbles into soil,
Where shale can shift and slide like oil.
We shall burrow through and through."

Your Rage

"Erraghh tuoy bit mik in strah.
Erraghh tuoy frihl in mi murm frissah di Naftur, regno di frahmm.
Erraghh tuoy bity mi plurrh di glauc.
E mi't, di tuoy."
"Your rage will be the jewel of my crown.
Your rage burns in me like the fires of the Naftur, ruler of the flames.
Your rage is my life's blood.
And mine, yours."


"Set your wings upon the sea wind
Set your eyes upon the steam
Feel the billow of the updraft
And believe in your dream
Know the mercy of these waters
Know the safety of the sky
Hear the voices in the distance
And believe -- they will not lie."

The Ice Flowers

"At the edge of the avalanche
At the glacier's icy rim
Grows the flower of the snowfields
Trembling in the wintry wind.
It dares to live on edges
Where naught else would ever grow.
So fragile, so unlikely
An owl slices through this blow.
She dares the katabats
Her gizzard madly quivers,
But for her dearest of friends
She vows she will deliver
Like the lily of the avalance
The glacier's icy rose
Like a flower of the wind
The bright fierceness in her glows.
The bravest are the small
The weakest are the strong
The most fearful find the courage
To battle what is wrong."

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