Svenka was a female polar bear who resided in the Bitter Sea and came to the aid of Queen Siv during the time of The Legends of Ga'Hoole.

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The First Collier

Svenka made her first encounter with Myrrthe teaching her how to fish. Then a day, while she looking for anchovies, casually she witnessed to the hagsfiends’ attack to Myrrthe. She tried to defend her, but was stopped by the fyngrot; so she returned to Siv and told her about the loss of her dear friend. Then, while Svenka was teaching to Siv how re fly, both are interrupted by the arrive of Lord Arrin, who began to speak with Siv. During this speech, Svenka hid herself somewhere to listening, and at the end of this one she left Siv, to look for a place where give birth.

Later, an evening, Svenka returned her friend, to told her about the birth of her cubs, and to help her to make the firth more hostile to the hagsfiends, broking the ice. Before Svenka left, she promise to Siv that she will return as often as possible to visit her.

The Coming of Hoole

Svenka saved Siv, surrounded by Lord Arrin and his hagsfiends, during a distraction moment of the latter, due to the suddenly darkness caused to the lunar eclipse,that occurred just at that moment. Shortly after, the two divided again when Siv went to look for her son, disguised as a gadfeather. But, before she left, she asked Svenka to give a name to her cubs (whom until then they called them, as all the newly born polar bears, with ordinal numbers). She contented her, calling the male Rolf and the female Anka.

Svenka reunited with Siv on the Dark Fowl Island, when Mac Heath arrived there. They make him tipsy with the Bingle Juice, to get information about why he was there. While Mac Heath was sleeping, they consult, and having understood his evil intent, Svenka decides to accompany him up to the Ice talons. So she leaves with MacHeath on her back, but when they arrived there, she showed him the longest way so as to slow down his path.

Then Svenka went to Svarr, the father of the cubs, and asked if she could go with him to a Smee Hole (a special alcove where the sounds echoed and one could listen without being noticed) to eavesdrop the conversation between MacHeath and Lord Arrin.

Svarr agreed, and he and Svenka discovered that the enemy was planning to attack Hoole and his friends in the Beyond. Then Svenka returned to Siv, and warned her of all the danger. So she asked Svenka to go to Joss, in the Ice Talons, with a coded message. This one would have warned him of the imminent danger in which were Hoole and his friends, and because of this he must gather as many troops as possible and fly with that army in the Beyond the Beyond to protect the future king.

To Be a King

Svenka received from Theo the sad news about the death of Siv. After that she resumed, he told she that he was there in behalf of Hoole, whom was planning a Slipgizzle network, and that he needed more information as possible. Whereby, he asked Svenka to pick news. But she replied that Svarr would know so much more information than she would, so Theo went to him.