Grettir, a Glauxian Brother in the video game. (Nintendo DS version)

The Glauxian Brothers are a group of male, devoted owls who spends time in meditation and silence. They are peaceful and shun violence and war. Also, they specialize in healing, poetry, and bookmaking/book repair. Some of these owls are turnfeathers, banished, or on longer wanted that have turned to the ways of repentance. The Glauxian Brothers are found at the Northern Kingdoms since the time of Hoole.

There is a similar group called the Glauxian Sisters. They are female owls with the same beliefs as the Glauxian Brothers.

Beliefs of Hagsfiends

Even though the Glauxian Brothers and Sisters have same practices and beliefs, their views of Hagsfiends differ from each other. The Glauxian Brothers believed hagsfiends came into the world because owlkind has displeased Glaux. The Glauxian Sisters don't actually believe these demons existed at all.


The First Collier

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The Coming of Hoole

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The Burning

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The River of Wind

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Known Glauxian Brothers

  • Berwyck - a Boreal owl on a pilgrimage
  • Cormac (video game)
  • Honeyvox - a mute Tropical Screech sent out of the Great Tree after an attempt to poison Sir Lucien Plonk.
  • Simon - a brown fish owl murdered by Kludd
  • Thor
  • Members of the Guardians of the Guardians of the Ember - banned from the Great Tree for creating ember worship of the Ember of Hoole.


  • Theo, the first blacksmith tried joining the Glauxian Brothers, as he is a gizzard resister; but they say he wasn't quite ready.

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