The Sacred Orb
Species: Barn Owl (Tyto alba)
Gender: Unknown
Eglantine, Pellimore
Blythe, Bell, Sebastiana
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Shattering, The Burning
The child of Nyra and Kludd, sibling of Coryn, the intended successor of Kludd and Nyra and leader of the Pure Ones, destroyed as an egg by Eglantine.
The Sacred Orb was an egg containing the first owlet of Kludd and Nyra. Nyra insisted it be treated like an idol, as she demanded only the best nesting material be used to cradle it. In addition, any owl that approached had to bow to it. It was accidentally destroyed by its aunt, Eglantine. Its only appearance was in The Shattering.


The Shattering

When Eglantine finally realizes that Ginger lied to her and that Nyra is not her mother, she and Primrose are held hostage by the Pure Ones. Nyra orders them both to bow to the Sacred Orb, which they learn is her egg. Nyra explains how the owlet inside it will become the new leader of the Pure Ones. Nyra demands Eglantine to pluck her feathers from her chest for the Sacred Orb, but with her body sheilding the egg from view, Eglantine wraps her talons around it and escapes with Primrose, and Nyra faints.

Eglantine and Primrose, under a layer of smoke, hide in an old burrow with the egg. Eglantine refuses to leave the egg behind, because if they could get it back to the Great Tree, they could help the owlet become good and nothing like its parents' intentions. But then the smoke layer begins to clear, and Nyra, guided by the heart beat of the unhatched owlet, finds Eglantine and Primrose. Grabbing the egg, Eglantine flees with Primrose.

Digger and Gylfie are looking for any signs of Eglantine, Ginger and Primrose. Digger finds a feather of Eglantine and Primrose, and he finds the marks of an egg. Gylfie says Eglantine is too young to lay eggs, and they go back to report their findings.

A forest fire approaches Eglantine and Primrose from where they are. Whilst Primrose escapes, Eglantine is transfixed by the fire, unable to move or fly. Boron and Soren order her to flee and drop the egg, but Eglantine refuses, not wanting to kill her niece or nephew. Just then the tree starts crowning.

Later, Nyra finds the shattered remains of the Sacred Orb; Eglantine managed to escape, but accidently dropped the egg in the process. Uglamore says that they have to move on, saying that there would be more eggs in future. Nyra lofts into flight, swearing revenge on Eglantine.

The Burning

Nyra mentions the Sacred Orb when she has another egg, which will hatch into Coryn. She says that she still hates Eglantine, but this egg will replace it.