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Trader Mags (Movie)
Species: Australian Magpie, Cracticus tibicen
Gender: Female
N/A .
Book Appearances
Appears in: Book Appearances
Movie Appearances
Appears in: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
Character design that was not used in the movie
Trader Mags didn't appear as a character in the movie. However, concept art indicates that at some point in production, she was planned to be.


The only known artwork of Mags can be found in the video game. She appears to be an Australian Magpie, and wears a mask adorned with various trinkets. She also wears bracelets and rings on her feet, and unlike the book Mags, both of her eyes are intact.

The only other artwork found relating to Mags is a sketch in The Art of Legend of the Guardians, titled "Trader Mags tent".


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