The forest kingdom of Tyto is the owl kingdom where Soren, Kludd, Eglantine, and possibly their parents were born. It is filled with rivers and thick fir trees that cover up the sky when veiwed from above. A map of it is

The forest kingdom of Tyto

included in the beginning of each and every book. The majority of owls that live there are Tytos, hence the name. It is one of the five Southern Kingdoms, and is also located right by the desert of Kuneer.


The Capture

In the first book, Tyto was where Soren and his family lived. After he was pushed out of the nest by Kludd and kidnapped by a patrol from St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls, it was not mentioned much more, except when Soren remembered its wonders and missed it dearly. Later in the book, after Soren and Gylfie first met Twilight, the three decided to fly over to Soren's hollow to see if his family was still living there. Sure enough, there was no trace of them.

The Journey

In The Journey, the band flew over Tyto, following the River Hoole to the Sea of Hoolemere.

The Rescue

Perhaps in The Rescue, Tyto plays the most significant role. Ezylryb gets lost in a Devil's Triangle while flying over Tyto. The chaw of chaws (not including Coryn) at the time came to rescue Ezylryb after Eglantine had told them about the Pure Ones, thinking Ezylryb had been kidnapped by them. They find the castle of the Pure Ones and then destroy the Devil's Triangle and, along with Ezylryb, fight a battle against the Pure Ones and win. Then Soren finds out Kludd is the High Tyto.


Notable Locations


Assumed to be boreal or temperate, as seen by the abundance of coniferous trees, like the fir Soren's family grew up in.


  • Tytos
  • Nest-maid snakes
  • Other owls

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