• NoIdeaHowToCallMe

    Recently I was thinking about the film and I thought, why this movie didn't gross that much money. I think its because many fans of the book series didn't get what they expected: A movie that is actually following the story in the books. But the thing is, that the producers and directors had to cut things out, chamging few things, etc. because of the 90-min-rule for animation films. Seriously, I never saw an animation film that is longer than 90 min(without credits). If you know one, post it. So they had to put the content of three books in just 90 min and you know what happend.

    Well I think, if they would do a remake of the movie, they should make at first 3 parts. Each part would be just 60 min long  and follow only one book. Thats how th…

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