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  • Odelayowl

    Moving to the Wolves Wiki

    February 8, 2016 by Odelayowl

    This is an issue that's been discussed for quite a while... The topic of whether or not articles relating to Wolves of the Beyond characters should be on this wiki.

    Indeed, it's a spin-off and takes place in the same universe, but it is also a series unto itself. I've looked through the Wolves of the Beyond Wiki, and I see that there's far more info about the characters there then what we offer here. There's also an abundance of dedicated fans taking care of that wiki. If you're looking for info about the wolves, that's the place to go. Hence, I've added a link to that wiki and some key pages to the wiki navigation at the top (It's "Wolves Wiki" because "Wolves of the Beyond Wiki" wouldn't fit.) since it's so closely affiliated.

    Now, about t…

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  • Odelayowl

    Guardians Fanon Wiki

    January 8, 2016 by Odelayowl

    Howdy fellow owl fans!

    (I apologize for the long links, I don't know how to embed them in words at the moment.)

    Well, not long ago, my friend Snowstripe The Fierce founded a wiki for Guardians of Ga'hoole fanstuff, aptly titled the Guardians of Ga'hoole Fanon Wiki:

    I've been taking more interest in that wiki, and seeing how people have been complaining about fanstuff on a wiki for canon characters, I think it might be best to start posting fan characters and fanfiction over there.

    I moved some of my articles over there already, and I actually posted this advertisement on DeviantArt (arguably home to the most Guardians of Ga'hoole OCs and fanfiction on the web) to …

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  • Odelayowl

    Ga'hoole Cake

    December 6, 2015 by Odelayowl

    Well, my birthday is technically on monday, but we had my party today with family and friends. We always get a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for my birthday, and ever since I could hold a pen and paper I've had artistic license over what gets drawn on my birthday cake. In recent years they've started using some sort of icing printer, which can print a photo right on to the cake. So, this year, this is the photo I chose....

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  • Odelayowl

    The new Owl Keeper Wiki

    November 30, 2015 by Odelayowl

    I suppose this is more of a personal journal and not based on the Guardians of Ga'hoole, but I'd just like to announce that I've actually founded my own wiki: The Owl Keeper Wiki.

    The Owl Keeper is a book by Christine Brodien-Jones. The main character, a young box named Max, lives in a dystopian future where the world (or at least his country) is ruled by the High Echelon, a dictatorship government with malicious intent. The High Echelon claimed the fabled Silver Owls have gone extinct, but Max befriends one, and also befriends a young rebel named Rose. Together they figure out what the government really has planned for Max, and attempt to run away and find The Owl Keeper of The Silver Prophecies.

    I'd say the book is aimed at the same audien…

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  • Odelayowl

    WANTED: Video Game Images

    November 17, 2015 by Odelayowl

    Howdy fellow fans of owls with helmets!

    Now, I like digging up unique images for the wiki, especially from behind-the-scenes of the movie, and a lot of the most interesting images on her came from (I'm assuming) the video game. I only have the Nintendo DS version of the game, but I gather the versions for other consoles have a lot more graphics and detail. From what I can tell, movie-based video games are made during the production of the movie, before the final cut is devised, and therefore differ from the final movie. The DS game that I played actually seemed to be more faithful to the books then the movie was.

    I've only seen a few screenshots and images from the game (I should probably watch some game plays..) but from what I can tell it …

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