Well, I found these videos on YouTube some time ago, all on the channel LeskoAdam. I'm pretty sure he was actually an animator, or someone from Animal Logic who worked on the film.. At least that would explain how he had access to all these behind the scenes interviews, and videos of the rough layout of the digital characters and environments. I suggest you go check out his channel (I'll probably be posting screenshots on here) but here's a few stand-out videos:

This is a fully animated scene that was cut from the final movie, which was supposed to play before Noctus went out to hunt, which is the first scene in the final cut:

Here's some more deleted scenes and unfinished 3D renderings:

In this video they show how they roughly planned the fight scenes... By making people wear owl wings and battle claws and lifting them into the air with wires:

Also posted on that channel are the short extras from the BluRay version, where Soren talks about owls and the Guardians.

So, I suggest you check out that channel, there's lots of other concept art and such, and this intresting interview that goes into some detail about the animation and voice acting: (it's 9 minutes, though)

.... And this isn't from the same channel, but this one guy made a review concerning how the movie adds up to the books. It's pretty good, and probably the best review I've seen in terms of getting to know each franchise and doing it justice:

So, that's just some cool stuff I found. You also may notice the (gahoole.wikia) pages are gone. Thanks to whoever made me an admin! (I believe only other admins can make someone an admin.) It allows me to help out more on here... Including sifting through the hundreds of categories and picking out the unnecessary ones. (Editing and refining stuff is a good job if you've got OCD.)

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