Howdy fellow owl fans!

(I apologize for the long links, I don't know how to embed them in words at the moment.)

Well, not long ago, my friend Snowstripe The Fierce founded a wiki for Guardians of Ga'hoole fanstuff, aptly titled the Guardians of Ga'hoole Fanon Wiki:

I've been taking more interest in that wiki, and seeing how people have been complaining about fanstuff on a wiki for canon characters, I think it might be best to start posting fan characters and fanfiction over there.

I moved some of my articles over there already, and I actually posted this advertisement on DeviantArt (arguably home to the most Guardians of Ga'hoole OCs and fanfiction on the web) to try and get people to make pages about their characters. So far we've got a fair bit of interest, and it's gaining steam.

I've pondered what to do about the fan character pages that are already on here... I think I'll delete the stuff on my own pages and redirect to the new wiki, but I'll leave the other pages be, and direct any would-be fanfiction writers to the new wiki. There's no restrictions over on that wiki, go nuts... Just keep it organized.

Ad I posted:

Also, tip: [Until I become fluent in WikiText] there's infoboxes available to fill out the basics of your character; eye colour, species, family, affiliations, etc. Just just click Insert in the editing toolbar, click Infoboxes and find the Character Infobox. The Date of Death / Place of Death spaces tend to glitch out, though.

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