I suppose this is more of a personal journal and not based on the Guardians of Ga'hoole, but I'd just like to announce that I've actually founded my own wiki: The Owl Keeper Wiki.

The Owl Keeper is a book by Christine Brodien-Jones. The main character, a young box named Max, lives in a dystopian future where the world (or at least his country) is ruled by the High Echelon, a dictatorship government with malicious intent. The High Echelon claimed the fabled Silver Owls have gone extinct, but Max befriends one, and also befriends a young rebel named Rose. Together they figure out what the government really has planned for Max, and attempt to run away and find The Owl Keeper of The Silver Prophecies.

I'd say the book is aimed at the same audience as Guardians of Ga'hoole, but it's a lot darker. (I read it back in grade seven, it actually creeped me out so much I stopped reading it for about a month before continuing.) It's a good book, it's just got an overall gloomy feel to it.

There was already an Owl Keeper Wiki out there, actually. As a matter of fact it was founded by a member of this wiki, Siv the queen. I was going to ask her about possibly giving that wiki a facelift, but she hasn't been active since 2012. That wiki was just the bare bones of a wiki, so I figured it would be easier to simply make Owl Keeper Wiki 2.0. It's still pretty basic at this point:  The Owl Keeper Wiki

So, have any of you guys read The Owl Keeper? It's not exactly the same as Guardians of Ga'hoole, but it has similar creepy and mystic factors to it.

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