Howdy fellow fans of owls with helmets!

Now, I like digging up unique images for the wiki, especially from behind-the-scenes of the movie, and a lot of the most interesting images on her came from (I'm assuming) the video game. I only have the Nintendo DS version of the game, but I gather the versions for other consoles have a lot more graphics and detail. From what I can tell, movie-based video games are made during the production of the movie, before the final cut is devised, and therefore differ from the final movie. The DS game that I played actually seemed to be more faithful to the books then the movie was.

I've only seen a few screenshots and images from the game (I should probably watch some game plays..) but from what I can tell it goes into far more detail then the movie. So, what I'm looking for is images from the game. I might take some images from the DS version since there's not much info on that, but images of characters and things.

Even if the photos are a bit crap, I should be able to spiff them up a bit. I believe this picture of full-grown Eglantine is from the game. The bottom one is the one I fixed up:

Moonblinked Eggy

So, keep em coming! And if you know where this picture of Trader Mags came from

Trader Mags

I'd love a better quality image to use.

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