Hello I am Puzuru I am a member and leader of the feature chaw for the first and only Amino for The Owls Of Ga'Hoole. At the moment we are a small comunity but we are hopping to florush if you heve any questions feel free to ask.  As for the Amino we at the moment have 4 chaws, Feature chaw, Art chaw, Writing chaw and Gaurd chaw.

The feature chaw is the chaw I lead whe give post a hashtag which lets ppl get a chance to be featured but its not garenteed.

The Art chaw is a chaw where Art atuseists of the Amino can join and talk about art the leader of the art chaw is Firefly who is an amazing artist i am also a member of the chaw.

The Writing chaw is a chaw where ppl write stories and give complements to otheres stories the leader for this chaw is a member named Sirena.

The Gaurd chaw is a chaw in which members patrol the amino look ing for post that break the comunity guildlines and looking for inappropriate comments the leader of this chaw is Bloom.

There are aditions for all of these Chaws and there are diffrent ranks also.

The creator of this amino is The amazing and wonderful Skystar and if you would like to jion just download the amazing Amino App and search for The Owls Of Ga'Hoole and we hope to see new members soon.

Thanks you for your tome and please concider joining our Amino.