Snowstripe the Fierce

aka Ari

  • I live in the United States of America
  • I was born on October 14
  • My occupation is Lord of Salamandastron, Spear King, Abla General
  • I am Male
  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    This will be based upon my (fanon) battle of King Soren and the Guardians, aiding The Resistance in Tyto Forest, while remnants of the Pure Ones are trying to take over the area. Enter your characters now. You can use canon or fanon characters. 


    Masked Owl 


    Allegiance: Resistance


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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Note: this is a proposed plotline and script for a sequel to the first Guardians of Ga'Hoole movie. It is a combination of: The Shattering, the Burning, and the Hatchling. 

    Begins with a shot of the starry night, in a lush forest. A fiery figure darts throught the night sky, looking like a comet. This fugure is Kludd, who had been brutally scarred by his brother Soren in the Battle of the Burning. He is screaming a death chant, one against the Guardians and especially Soren. He holds the mask of his former leader, Metal Beak, in his talons as he flies. 


    Kludd: *face scorched and in flames* Auugggghhhh!!!!! Death to the impure!!! Hail Metal Beak!! Death to the Guardians!! Death to Soren!! *dives into a pond, in an attempt to save his face*  …

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Falling from a Tree

    In the large forest kingdom Ambala, a beautiful green and luscious place filled with rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, creeks, tall grass, owls of all kinds,and as many mice, voles, shrews, centipedes, millipedes, and crickets you can eat, was a bird. No, not an owl, as many would expect, but a kestrel. Kestrels are peculiar birds, being small and light,yet near the top of the food chain wherever they are. Now, this kestrel was a female named Scandimore, who was a mother of five, yet her offspring had never seen their father. After the eggs were laid, the father and Scandimore had many arguments, and one day, he came to the nest and told her that he had found a new mate and would have a new family. Scandimore had become a …

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