Note: this is a proposed plotline and script for a sequel to the first Guardians of Ga'Hoole movie. It is a combination of: The Shattering, the Burning, and the Hatchling. 

Begins with a shot of the starry night, in a lush forest. A fiery figure darts throught the night sky, looking like a comet. This fugure is Kludd, who had been brutally scarred by his brother Soren in the Battle of the Burning. He is screaming a death chant, one against the Guardians and especially Soren. He holds the mask of his former leader, Metal Beak, in his talons as he flies. 


Kludd: *face scorched and in flames* Auugggghhhh!!!!! Death to the impure!!! Hail Metal Beak!! Death to the Guardians!! Death to Soren!! *dives into a pond, in an attempt to save his face* 

A Brown Fish Owl named Simon nabs a fish in his talons. He hears the screaming and turns his head to the direction it came from. 

Simon: *gasps* What was that? *the fish slips from his grip and into the water* Oh, racdrops! * awkwardly veer off to the left, almost tripping on a rock along the way. 

Simon: Wh-who was that?! Are you all right?!? *sizzling sounds are heard from the water. Simon lands and sees Kludd's back* Um, sir? Are you all right? 

Kludd: *turns to reveal melted feather and flesh and scorch marks allover Kludd's face* Y-You- you're not Pure!!! *falls unconscious* 

Simon: Pure?? What did you say, mister? Mister? Looks like he fell asleep. We best get you to my hollow. You've got a lot of cleaning up to do. 


  • cuts to Simon's hollow in a pine tree Simon has Kludd leaned against the wall of the hollow while he works. Simon gently plucks the ashes from Kludd's face*

Simon: *hums gently*

Kludd: *wakes up, throws Simon off him* 

A few things fall over

Simon: Sir??!! Sir!!!!??!?!?

Kludd: Metal Beak. Metal Beak... Metal Beak....

The shot is changed to outside the hollow, where screams are heard.


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