Hey all, anyone like roleplaying? Here's the link.

Anyway it's got roleplays with the wolves of the beyond clans; there's three, the MacAonairs, MacNeart and MacMora (along with a special one called the MacMyths that we made up; their pelts can be unnaturally coloured and they have special powers), but there's also a Guardians of Ga'Hoole roleplay. There's Pure Ones as well, and I am the head of the owl stuff, being most involved in them. We seriously need more users. There's only two active users, one of which is me. I've really spruced it up, putting pretty gifs from the LoTG movie and colourful boxes on the roleplay page to make it look lovely. Unfortunately, there's no one there to enjoy it.

Could you guys please consider it? Thank you very much.

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