I think that's something we all want. Being able to live wherever you want to in the entire world, doing things at your own schedule, having whatever you want set up exactly as you wish...yeah, that's what I want more than anything these days.

Except maybe a boyfriend. XD

But of course, it's something I won't get for another four years at the least. I mean, of course I love my Mom and Dad more than anything, I love living with them, but I just want my own place so badly! I think we all know that feeling. Being free to make your own choices, who wouldn't love that?

Four years and three months from now, by the time I'm eighteen and have graduated from high school, I'll finally have it! I know where I'm going to live and what I'm going to do. I'm hoping to live in British Columbia. I love nature, and such a beautiful place like that is perfect for me! I'm hoping to live near Vancouver. NEAR not IN the city, however. Living in the city is not for me, but living nearby I'm okay with it. From what I've seen of Vancouver, it seems like a very clean city, I haven't seen any signs of graffiti or anything like that. Not to mention the hills/mountains behind it, I've always liked those kind of places ever since I've been to Hallstatt, Austria! And you can't forget that you're right by the water, you can go in boats as much as you like! (As long as you pay for it!)

Yep, ladies in gentlemen, for me, Vancouver has all of the qualities I want to live in, it's the perfect place for me. I may not be for everybody, but it is for me and hopefully my future career. Thanks for reading!

Tiger12 out. Peace.

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