Species: Masked Owl (Tyto hollandiae)
Gender: Male
Family: None
Book Appearances
Appears in: Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole
Movie Appearances
Appears in: ...
Pure One, killed by Uglamore

Vaygar was a young Masked Owl Pure One who appeared in Lost Tales of Ga'hoole. He was killed by Uglamore in order to protect Coryn from being found.


Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole

Vaygar followed his commander, Stryker, in finding Nyra's hatchling, Nyroc. Vaygar hoped if they found the hatchling, he himself will be promoted to lieutenant. They found their way to Silverveil, only meeting Uglamore. Upon failing to find their target, Stryker decided to try a different location. Vaygar stayed behind, as he is hungry. While trying to find some food around the tree they found, Uglamore tried to keep him away from a hollow. The masked owl looked inside and realized Nyroc was in there. Realizing Uglamore knew of the hatchling's location, Vaygar was about to go tell Stryker. But Uglamore, who in his mind renounced his allegiance to the Pure Ones, killed him before he could.


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