Soren flying through rain

The Weather Interpretation Chaw is one of the nine chaws at the Great Ga'Hoole tree. Formerly taught by Ezylryb and Poot, until Eyzlryb's death, the chaw is now lead by Soren. Before Otulissa was  tapped into the chaw herself, she considered it to be"unrefined;" however, she admitted that they are all spectacular fliers.

Owls of the weather interpretation chaw are tapped by finding a dried catepillar, Ezylryb's favorite snack, in their nest. Due to the difficulty of navigating winds in a forest fire, owls of the colliering chaw are double-tapped into the weather chaw as well.


The purpose of the weather chaw is to fly into bad weather, such as hurricanes and tropical storms, in order to gather weather information for the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. It is among the most dangerous of the chaws, because the violent winds can tear off an owl's wings and feathers, or cast them into the sea. Despite their abilities in bad weather, the weather chaw never flies into a tornado because of the extreme danger.

Notable Members

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