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Species: Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
Gender: Female
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Capture, The Siege
Free flyer; mate of Streak
Zan is a female bald eagle, a free flyer, and is the mate of Streak and the guardian of Mist. She is mute and cannot speak, as she got her tongue ripped out by Skench and Spoorn saving an egg from St. Aegolius that Hortense (Mist) had given her.


The Capture

During a fight at St. Aegolius with Skench and Spoorn, Zan got her tongue ripped out. She helped Hortense to smuggle eggs from St. Aggie's to their homes in the kingdom of Ambala. She helped the band take on a St. Aggie's patrol, and with Streak, informed Digger of his parents' deaths.

The Siege

She is seen living with Streak and Hortense in a hollow in the kingdom of Ambala, and fetched the flying snake Slynella to cure injured Soren.


Zan is a compassionate, caring eagle. Although she cannot speak, she can understand others and let her know she understands them. Streak and Mist (Hortense) are the only ones to know what Zan is trying to say, though through a different kind of communication. She is always empathetic, and does her best to make others feel better.


  • In the German edition of the books, she's named Donner. Paired with Streak - whose German name is Blitz - their names roughly translate to Thunder and Lightning.

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